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Лого Minh Kiem HD Online - Minh Kiếm

Minh Kiem HD Online - Minh Kiếm


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Ming Looking is one of the game Swashbuckling familiar with the play, allowing players to be turned into characters in the world 3 classes for half the main characters as "knives, swords, Rights". Each clan has different attack skills or special defense of their own, to help you understand more about the mysterious world of martial arts, but also passion.

Features Ming Looking For Online :
+ The most unusual game that brings this audit is that players can change Guoi skills, learn martial arts from other clans after reaching a certain level that Ming Looking request made, so you can become a great martial arts school.
+ Looking Game Ming builds on agreements for the selected plot details from the series for half of the famous writer as "Kim Dung, Joint Long ...", you will feel excited about the appearance of the characters that I've ever seen before in the series.
+ The skills that you learn from every sect will always be retained will not disappear, you only need to replace weapons of every different sect that you can use skills of the sect, it contributed more interesting creative part in this game compared to other games of the same genre.
Let's download and play the game they earn immediately.

Android 2.2 и выше

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