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5 октября 2014 | AMEPOH


Addictive text based MMO RPG with OPS, FIGHTS, ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY, CAPTAINS, COMMANDERS, FEDERATION, ECONOMY, OUTPOSTS, R&D, DRILLS, ALLIANCES, WARS, TOTATL DOMINATION, HONORS and lots more. Join now and build the biggest military the world has ever seen.


"In a world at war, a hero rises to lead his forces to victory in epic battles and bring order to the chaos."

What the Players say:

★★★★★ "Best war battle app around... Tried others none match this one"
★★★★★ "So awesome Amazing game! Beats all xxxxxx games by a long shot."
★★★★★ "Way better than xx... more involved with federations, alliances and missions"

BATTLECRY is a fight game offers players a unified gaming experience, whether you are on Android devices, iOS, Facebook, Chrome-Store or on your browser, this allows you to run your same game account from anywhere,

★ Build your ARMY, AIR FORCE and NAVY (sea battle)... it's time for glory and world domination.
★ Complete operations in various parts of the world and increase your tactical strength and empire defense in warfare.
★ It's the war of heroes.. emerged to become the superpowers... only the real ones survives.
★ Master the art of modern war, optimize your resources with R&D in your battle camp.
★ Battle is in your Blood, choose your own flag, crush your enemies, protect your brothers and sisters.
★ Infiltrate enemy lines, destroy their despicable regime of World War.
★ Do special Operations and retrieve special units to upgrade your forces of war.
★ Gain experience fighting battalions around the world and progress through unlimited levels.
★ Become the legend, earn unique Honors (achievements) for reaching specific goals.
★ Unlock exciting new operations, powerful units and money making properties for your military empire.
★ Build a strong combat force faster by recruiting your friends as commanders via Facebook Connect
★ Art of war... decide your war strategy, set a custom tag-line for your military for the whole world to see.
★ Start chaos, commission strike order against rivals.
★ Receive real-time battle alerts via push notifications.
★ Form your own Alliance and take your armies to War
★ Invade Countries in World War and govern them using your Alliance.
★ Total Domination matches where Alliances can fight each other... the dominant one wins.
★ Secure your fortress with your battle towers/outposts and gunships
★ Deploy advanced tanks, war ships, fighter jets and navy destroyers in the field of battle.
★ Improve your Battle Command with military drills
★ Show off your battle fury with island invasion in total domination.

✔ Sync your account with Facebook.
✔ No need of your mobile EMI number for playing or transferring accounts.
✔ Recruit your real friends using our advanced Facebook integration.
✔ Supports all mobile and tablet resolutions.
✔ Top-notch graphics, engaging sound-scape, intelligent user interface and smooth performance.
✔ Real-time in-game notifications about add request, battles etc
✔ Live @World feeds.
✔ Custom Avatars
✔ In-game player profile & live comments.
✔ Rival List keep tab on your enemies.
✔ Live leader boards (in-friend and Global) to see were you stand against the rest of the players.
✔ It's a good game, DOWNLOAD NOW :)

Android 2.2 и выше

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