Лого Game of Survival - Online

Game of Survival - Online

13 февраля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Game of Survival - Online - попытайтесь выжить в мире полном зомби.

Do what you want with many other survivor players in Online mode. Explore world occupied by zombies. Find weapons, drinks, woods, metals, redstone, cloth for bandages etc.. You’ll hunt zombie from single survivor player mode to online survivor Multiplayer server to play with others!

Begin your action pocket survival game on the planet with random survivor or friends online in Multiplayer mode.
Try to survive on the unturned world! Find different resources, use your woods, metals and redstones for craft new items and build your what you want to survive! Watch out zombies, demons and other players to save your health and make sure you eat enough food. Make a fire to help you survive. there is also lots of new aspects of survival that make this a realistic fun online multiplayer survival game.


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* Craft your collected items and use them to your advantage;
* Brilliant graphics and stimulating sound will always keep you energized;
* You will get back up of heaps of supportive items: ignite your prospect of action survival;
* Comfortable visual effect: the game is set against a vibrant theme, which will keep you enticed on your screen;
* You can play the action zombie survival game either in multiplayer mode or in single player mode: enjoy the tale of survival game with its awesome dynamics.
* Enjoy smooth control and be the pro against zombie attack: save the unturned world and set the law of survival for the fittest.
* Track your foes: with special sensor check the action movement of the zombies and demons around! Hunt them before these demons kill you.
* There is facility of accessing huge area map to understand the war ground: available both for single play game and multiplayer game.
* You will get scope to check your food, drink at stock! you will be able to check your life;
* After each session you will be able to check your score including how many zombies you have killed and how many times you were killed by zombie attack!
* A lot of weapon( colt, sniper, m79, h1z1, axe, mace);
* Crafting & Inventory System;
* Tons of item for survival craft.

Download this pocket survival game online on your android device and play with world! You will surely have a wonderful time now on your android device in hunting zombies! This game can be played on mobile and tablet. You will require hi speed internet to play well this Game of Survival in multiplayer mode.

Android 2.3 и выше

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