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Лого Dubai Drift

Dubai Drift


Скриншот Dubai Drift №1Скриншот Dubai Drift №2
Скриншот Dubai Drift №3Скриншот Dubai Drift №4

***** "Amazing app. Hats off to the makers!" tayab iqbal
***** "EXCELLENT game" Mohammed Ali
***** "Cooool" mohammed almazroei
***** "A must try gamers" Sami Samer

3, 2, 1 and drift away to the most challenging car drifting game. A complete no nonsense game, that doesn't waste any time on anything unnecessary. Select a car and go straight to the game. Download it for FREE now.

- Awesome car list to choose from
Ever had that feeling of not having the right car to choose from? Our cars are most desired cars for drifting. Tell us which car you want and we'll add them in the game!!

- Play online with your friends
Challenge your friends in Dubai Drift over your local network. Now you can keep playing online non stop, not ever having to wait for players to join you.

- Exciting arenas
24 hours of non stop action in Dubai Drift. Action arena like nothing you have ever experienced. You want crazy, we give you crazy. More arenas coming soon for tire burning!!

- Paint you car
When you get bored of your car( which is never), keep it fresh by choosing different paints on your super cars.

- Hard rock music
Champions need hard core soundtracks. Become champions with action packed music.

- 357 Drift is The most difficult car drifting game
We wouldn't have wasted our time and yours, if it was just another easy social game.

357 Drift - 357 دريفت

"Drive fast, race the opponents, burn on asphalt. As real as you can get. In 357 Drift you test your drifting, burnout, and side wheel driving skills in stunning arenas with super cars while challenging other players online or using AI. If you are tried of flappy bird or angry birds, clash of clans or candy crush. This game give you more testosterone than any other facebook app. " Free Racing Game.

Dubai Drift. 

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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