Лого Zombie Terminator (Violence Edition)

Zombie Terminator (Violence Edition)

19 марта 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Китайская версия Zombie Terminator (Violence Edition) 2D аркада-экшен правда на китайском. 

Но и так все можно понять. Сделано достойно.

5 million players worldwide eagerly anticipated "Zombie Terminator" strong landing android platform! Horizontal version checkpoints beyond the classic! High quality of the game screen! Epic background music! Smart touch and a perfect way! More than 20 kinds of heavy and light weapons! The Man of Steel, the son of Tai Chi, zombie killer, the three heroes to open exclusive levels! Can save the world ushered in the dawn of the dissipation? King eventually returned ---- [Terminator]
**** Violent melee weapon: a double-edged ax, Tulong Dao, mountains ax, hide advanced properties
**** Super long-range attack: M92F, M4A1, MP5, MGL, M16, grenade gun, Remington, crossbow, steel Liannu (exclusive role)
**** Up to 30 hours hurdles experience! 10 Shou official BOSS! 20 kinds of super-weapons!
**** New Role exclusive copy! Swept zombies, ready to go!
**** Achievement ranking system is fully upgraded! Mission mode can get value packs!

Android 2.1 и выше

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