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Лого Candy Zombie

Candy Zombie


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Candy Zombie - конфетная зомби-игра по типу "три в ряд".

Candy Zombie is a game based on a match-three.
This is a trip on a deserted island, where only has the existence of zombies.
You'll have to beat the zombie to survive or collect all the items requested in each level.
You will have the support of weapons to face the trouble.

- Match 3 or more candy to explode them.
- There are many special candy when you get combo.
- Complete the target for each level.
- Use the guns at the right time to complete the task.



- Journey through many different areas, confronted with many kinds of zombie (boss battle);
- Weapon: 3 guns, you can buy the bullet at the listed price on the menu;
- Many interesting and various levels (90 levels and update soon);
- Wander around devastated zombie world with intense background music;
- Collect treasures on the island with many beautiful shapes!
- Complete levels to get Candy Star with some coin bonus(3 Star = 150 coins; 2 Star = 100 coins; 1 Star = 50 coins).
- Candy is designed includes the zombie theme not candy sweet theme but it's attractive levels.
- Connect Facebook to sync progress and compare with your friends.
- Support HD/SD mobile.
- Candy Zombie is a brand new and amazing casual game!

Android 2.3 и выше

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