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Лого Angry Zombie: City Shoot

Angry Zombie: City Shoot


Скриншот Angry Zombie: City Shoot №1Скриншот Angry Zombie: City Shoot №2Скриншот Angry Zombie: City Shoot №3Скриншот Angry Zombie: City Shoot №4

Angry Zombie: City Shoot - игра на андроид, в которой нам нужно уничтожить всех нападающих зомби.

Classic overlook-view zombie-themed shooting masterpiece!
The city has been taken over by zombies. You should kill all zombies to save the city!
Facing the uncontrollable situation, the numerous wandering aggressive zombies, and more mysterious evil forces, you need concentrate your mind to kill all zombies!
Various power-ups! ! And more than 20 weapons!
Vivid background sound and lifelike game graphics!
More realistic and thorough game experience!
Come on and let’s take part in the war to kill more zombies!
Angry Zombie: City Shoot is an overlook-view zombie-themed shooting game!

- High definition game graphics!
- Vivid sound of shots and zombies!
- Upgrade weapons and characters!
- Amazing visual effects!
- Invite your friends to play this game with you!




- Perfect weapon system!
- Smooth game control!
- Vivid background music is in harmony with the game!
- Add different game scenes and power-ups!
- Special character growing system and achievement!

Android 2.2 и выше

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