Лого Zombie Sniper: Killer 3D

Zombie Sniper: Killer 3D

16 октября 2014 |  AMEPOH


Zombie Sniper: Killer 3D - Вы снайпер и Вы должны убить всех зомби.

Zombies lurking around in the middle of the night. Shoot with your sniper!
A really cool zombie shooting game.
The most exciting and real zombie shooting game. In the midnight with fog, zombies are hunting for human.
“ Ah!!!” A human die, a zombie born!
What’s that? So fast! It’s the king of zombies!
Shoot him, kill him! Oh, I am dead!
It’s too strong, how to kill the king of zombies? The 8 clues can tell you, find the 8 clues to kill the king of zombies!

- It’s a shooting game as well as searching goods game!
- The king of zombies makes you scare!
- Move and shoot from your view, bring you different experience!
- The fog will disappear and the city will be more clear with your move
- Click the gun sight to shoot the remote zombies!

Android 2.3 и выше

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