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Лого Toy Drift Racing

Toy Drift Racing


Скриншот Toy Drift Racing №1Скриншот Toy Drift Racing №2Скриншот Toy Drift Racing №3Скриншот Toy Drift Racing №4

Toy Drift Racing - гонки на игрушечных автомобилях.

Have a childhood bond with our new car game Drift Racing Toy! Rediscover the joy of childhood by controlling a remote controlled car in several different worlds! Put yourself behind the wheel and embark on an epic session!

As in car films, made of drifting to gain points and make as much money! Do you require as the best to unlock all the cars that are on offer. In a cartoon style graphics, discover every single model and cross each level available for your enjoyment in our game drift!

Perform stunts, riding on walls, jump through the jumps and chain points and bonuses! Challenge your friends or your family to Toy Drift Racing, and show who's the boss. At home or away, pull out your smartphone and make your engine roar!



The strengths of our car game Drift Racing Toy are:
- Many cars to unlock;
- Several universe;
- Spectacular Waterfalls;
- Addictive Gameplay;
- Good quality cartoon graphics;
- Waterfalls Photo Sharing.

Android 2.3 и выше

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