Лого Speed Drift Racing 3D

Speed Drift Racing 3D

2 ноября 2014 | AMEPOH


Speed Drift Racing 3D - гонки на андроид.

Dare to drive fast and with Adventist dangers and turns. Chase the impossible what you never face and its Speed Drift Racing 3D a new and latest 3D game with racing mode and environment. Drive hard one of your dream car BMW M3 with cutting edges, stunning, shining and dashing car. You have to drive fast on the road and beat the time. Drive hard towards the destination point before the time and record a lot of wins. Speed Drift Racing 3D with latest and enrich 3D atmosphere with snow mountain environment looks really charming and graceful. Use natural physics rules and techniques with skit mar signs as racing car does. Stunning and beautiful BMW M3 really looks fabulous when you race it hardly, it burns. No problem if you are not racing expert because there is free run track for the practice for new users. Play Speed Drift Racing 3D with outclass control and feel sensation and thrill.


• Your ideal BMW M3 with full racing features;
• Wonderful use of racing physics, car burns when you press and hold the race;
• Skit mars effect on road when you hardly turn the car;
• With latest Speedo meter, that counts your speed;
• 3D road track with snow covered mountains;
• Offering FREE what you paid;
• Wonderful workout on graphics and scenes.

Game Plan:
Time is important and you have to drive fast as quickly as possible and chase the destination before the time and collect lot winnings.

Android 2.3 и выше

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