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Лого Mia and me - Free the Unicorns

Mia and me - Free the Unicorns


Скриншот Mia and me - Free the Unicorns №1Скриншот Mia and me - Free the Unicorns №2
Скриншот Mia and me - Free the Unicorns №3Скриншот Mia and me - Free the Unicorns №4

Mia and me - Free the Unicorns - приключенческая игра для детей.

Life seems just perfect in the Elven Kingdom. But when the evil Gargona captures Mia's friends, you have to help her save them! Join Mia and her best friend, the winged unicorn Onchao on this epic adventure through Centopia! Ride and fly over beautiful landscapes - from the Elven Crater to the Dragon Caves - and save all unicorns and Prince Mo!
"Free the Unicorns!" is the first game that lets you experience the Mia world - as if you were an elf yourself! The rich 3d environment is so real, you can almost feel the wind in your hair when dashing over the fields of Centopia!
"Mia and me - Free the Unicorns!" uses the original 3d models from the TV show and utilizes state-of-the-art rendering to create the best interactive Mia experience ever.


✦ Meet the challenge of 15 levels - all the way to Panthea's dark palace.
✦ Collect magical items to make Onchao stronger and find all the hidden Friendship Butterflies!
✦ Dodge flying snakes and fight off Muncs and dragons with your awesome Water Glare!
✦ Use your skill to rescue all of your unicorn friends and save Prince Mo!




✦ Optimized for tablets and Android TV;
✦ Controller support (Bluetooth / WiFi);
✦ Languages: GER, ENG, FRE, SPA, ITA;
✦ Optimized for nVidia Shield and Shield Tablet.

Путь для кэша:

Android 4.1 и выше

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