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Лого Dragon Friends

Dragon Friends


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Dragon Friends - захватывающее приключение на андроид.

Brand new exciting adventure awaits you in the wonderful world of Dragon Friends!
Breed awesome unique dragons while personalizing your mystical island on Android! Socialize with your best friends and family online with infinite possibilities.

Breed, hatch, and feed your fantastic dragons and obtain super rare dragons.

And with Magic Chance, exclusive to Dragon Friends, you even have an awesome chance to level up your basic Tree Dragon into ultra rare Guardian Dragon with just a touch of the magic wand!

While on the adventure, you can meet and socialize with your friends, old and new. Help each other by caring for crops, work in shops, and even bless precious dragons and level up faster, together.

Come meet the innocent Shy tribe waiting on your island today! And the awesome unique creatures of Dragon Friends.
Did we mention there are also other amazing animals including cats, dogs, and even unicorns?

Come join your friends!



- Easy Facebook log-in. Invite all your friends to play with you!
- High-quality, hand-drawn dragons reminiscent of Hollywood animations;
- Amazing painstakingly detailed buildings and decorations. Zoom-in to see them for yourself!
- Discover hundreds of dragons and creatures. Collect them all!
- Fully personalize your island to show off to your friends!
- Beautiful animations and sounds bring your island and dragons to life;
- Play and teach your dragons once you hatch them!
- Chat directly with friends and visit their islands to help them out!

Android 2.2 и выше

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