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Лого Kung Fu Fun Free

Kung Fu Fun Free


Скриншот Kung Fu Fun Free №1Скриншот Kung Fu Fun Free №2Скриншот Kung Fu Fun Free №3Скриншот Kung Fu Fun Free №4

Crazy grammas are ready to start a fight! This is not just a fighting game, this is the funniest one ever! Meet Kung Fu Fun Free! Welcome to the average russian street in summer, everything is peaceful and unalarming. But two furious gammas appeares in front of you and they perhaps didn't share something! Each of them has an appetite for revenge! Start this fight and show who is stronger!

HOW TO PLAY: use arrows to go forward, back and to jump. Use two extra buttons to hit your opponent. Try to save your health and become a champion! Good luck!

Kung Fu Fun Free Features:
- Realistic 3D graphics!
- Two ways of hitting: leg and hand!
- Made in best fighting traditions!
- Excellent physics performance!

Powerful and furious grammas are ready to fight! Kung Fu Fun Free - become a champion!

Android 2.3 и выше

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