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Habbo - виртуальный мир с миллионом игроков.

Habbo for Android! Express yourself in Habbo, build rooms and make friends in a popular role play virtual world! Explore Habbo and create awesome rooms in a vibrant retro-pixel-art style virtual world. Take the community wherever you go and role play in daily activities and competitions.

Habbo is completely free to play. Includes optional in-app purchases.




* MAKE FRIENDS & CHAT with millions of teens worldwide;
* ROLE PLAY & EXPRESS YOURSELF with awesome clothing and accessories;
* BUILD YOUR OWN WORLD and hang out with friends;
* CREATE YOUR AVATAR to impress with the right gear for any occasion;
* JOIN COMMUNITY GROUPS like armies and mafias;
* CREATE EPIC ROOMS and explore millions of spaces made by others;
* TRADE RARE ITEMS with other players and run your own stores using a trading pass;
* COMPETE IN COMPETITIONS like quizzes, events and quests;
* INFINITE ZOOM on the largest retro pixel art world ever made;
* 24/7 Live Moderation.

Android 4.1 и выше

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