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Лого The World II

The World II


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The World II - отличная RPG на андроид.

The World 2 is an MMORPG that allows players the chance to fight the meanest, baddest, and biggest bosses in gaming from the moment they enter the game in a 3D destructible arena. Players will no longer have to fight smaller enemies and trek long hours to get to a raid boss like in most MMORPGs. Our company, We Are Good Games, lets the gamer fight either alone or with friends and others via Wi-Fi and mobile networks with their choice of over 30 heroes. Their group will have over 80 different bosses to deal with on the mobile phone or tablet device. The game is set to be released in December of this year as a Free to Play game.

- 80 giant mosters to battle.
- Destructable areas!
- Join groups from around the world to fight battles;
- 6 different hero types (30 heroes available at launch);
- NO PvP! Group v Group fights with friends or other gamers;
- Gamer Marketplace! Gamers can buy, sell, and trade for in-game cash!
- No mini-monsters. Only Giant bad-ass bosses!

Android 2.3 и выше

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