Лого Mysterious Rooms 2 Pro

Mysterious Rooms 2 Pro

21 марта 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Хорошая логическая игрушка на андроид.

After the success of Mysterious Rooms Grab another hidden object game Mysterious Rooms 2.
Play and find more objects hidden in all the rooms. Play more and seek more objects.
Mysterious Rooms: An ultimate seek and find game!!


* 8 различных комнат;
* Уникальная игра при каждом запуске;
* Подсказки, которые включаются опцтонально;
* Затягивающий игровой процесс.


This game constitutes highly catchy images with objects hidden in them. You have to find out only the required objects from a list. Mysterious Rooms contains 9 rooms and you are given a time limit of five minutes. Every wrong tap to will reduce the play-time. To unlock the consecutive rooms, you have to collect at least two stars out of five. You can also make use of the available Hint option to find out an object, but the hint option would be disabled for a minute after every use.

Showcasing excellent themes and fantastic graphics, you will easily get caught up in this detailed and real catchy seek and find game.

The app is projected to do well as it does apply to casual gamers across different ages. It should also appeal to young children as the graphics and the objects have been designed keeping them in mind. Try it out and we bet that you won’t get bored as every time you will have to find new objects on the screen within a given limit of time.

Android 2.0 и выше

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