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Funfair Games

2 марта 2014 | DROIDOFF


Четыре игры на андроид, уводящие в мир ностальгии и воспоминаний.

The smell of cotton candy fills the air, the attracting voices of the lot sellers promise the winning of teddy baers. Childrens bright eyed faces, and even adults are looking longingly at the carousel. Welcome to Funfair Games, step inside a world of nostalgia and memories.
Lovingly drawn characters come together in four atmospheric games with nostalgic carnival graphics.


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The sea is going on - Pirate Captain Jaques le Doett and his crew have landed. Throw off everything that is cavorting in the sea - but beware: dont't hit the captain!
The jinx is on the candy factory! The machines are overrunning and produces candies like crazy! Collect them all, with a little luck you caught some extra time. Avoid the bombs, or it will be over very fast.
Caution - the infamous three crooks are on the loose! After jail food they are very hungry and need to be served quickly! Balls or alarm clocks - they eat everything. Hurry up with the bombs!
When the lights turn off in the evening, the carnival shows its second face. Be excited about a creepy pleasure with spiders, pumpkins and other creatures!

Android 2.2 и выше

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