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Лого Dextris Halloween: Bulk Candy

Dextris Halloween: Bulk Candy


Скриншот Dextris Halloween: Bulk Candy №1Скриншот Dextris Halloween: Bulk Candy №2Скриншот Dextris Halloween: Bulk Candy №3Скриншот Dextris Halloween: Bulk Candy №4

Dextris Halloween: Bulk Candy - простая, но в то же время и достаточно увлекательная игра на андроид.

This is the world's toughest horrific run.

In the frightful halloween, the candy buddies started their journey. Destined to get into the hands of a playful child. But instead, like a nightmare, they appeared in the middle of the unearthly monster land! The ghastly land is full of frightful deathly hallows and moreover, grim and horrific candy monsters are trying to get their hands on them. They must run, split, dodge, hover around and squeeze tempted through the ghastly land and deathly hallows and avoid the horrific monstrous attempts of the frightful monsters- they must become the split shot and the dexterous dodger to accomplish this task.

This is where dexterity meets monstrosity. You'll have to move the candy pair hurriedly, squeeze them through the ghastly obstacles, split shot them to hover around the middle dodger. This is one of the fastest of the fast games. You'll have to be extremely cautious and precise 'cause this game is deadly!

This unearthly grim game is brought to you by Technext Studios. You'll get the taste of cotton candy, the ghostly flavour of hell bound monsters, the deadly hallows of dextris and the excitement of the fastest fast games here. The gameplay experience will be unlike any tough and frightful game you've ever played.

Have a dexterous halloween!

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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