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Sweet Candy Busters

25 ноября 2015 | DROIDOFF


Sweet Candy Busters - игра из жанра три в ряд, где вы познакомитесь с милыми домашними животными. В этой игре вы отправитесь в захватывающее путешествие в сладкую страну конфет.

Welcome to the deliciously amusing candy kingdom of SWEET CANDY BUSTERS to join the discovery saga journey together with lovely friends Pirate Bunny, Frenzy Mummy, King Werewolf, Frankenstein, Dracula to fight against Pumpkin King monsters who are scheming to invade the kingdom or protect candies from sweet-tooth mice.

What differentiate SWEET CANDY BUSTERS from a regular Match 3 game are its interesting extra game plays and levels.
Players match 3 or more candies horizontally or vertically to collect them and create specially powerful sweets; however, the difference of SWEET CANDY BUSTERS comes from cute characters of pets which you can bring along upon levels.
Choosing the right pets sometimes helps you get over extreme obstacles for a fraction of a second.

Another distinctness of SWEET CANDY BUSTERS lies in the structure of over 150 levels (more updates are added weekly) in which you will have to complete different targets, such as collect enough candy pieces in requested color, save frozen sweets, fight against Pumpkin King monsters, save the hazelnuts and strawberries, battle against cookie invasion, protect candy from greedy mice…


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- Match three or more candy pieces to collect them.
- Match 4 candy pieces horizontally or vertically to make a special candy piece to blast the others of the same row.
- Match 5 sweets horizontally or vertically to create a sweet to collect all other sweets of the same color.
- Connect 2 of any special candy pieces to create amazing candy effects.
- A large scale of levels with different targets to complete: collect candies, save and fight… at the same time.
- Use boosters and pets to facilitate the targets:
• Candy Hammer: crush one candy piece;
• Candy Bomb: crush 9 candy pieces around the picked piece;
• Candy Magic Stick: destroy the whole lines of the picked candy horizontally and vertically;
• Pirate Bunny: Shoot the random candies on board;
• King Werewolf: Turn random candies into line blasters;
• Frankenstein: Shoot a block of candies randomly;
• Frenzy Mummy: Collect a line of picked candy diagonally;
• Dracula: Collect candy pieces of the same color randomly.
- Players get over each level will be rewarded with coins depending on the perfection you nail: 3 stars get 150 coins, 2 stars get 100 coins and 1 star gets 50 coins.
- If you fail to complete a target, you can spend coins on recovery or purchasing more moves.

★ Play through over 150 levels of delicious candy, cookies or fruits.
★ 3 Special and Powerful Boosters: Candy Hammer, Candy Bomb, Candy Magic Stick.
★ 5 Super Pets can facilitate the players with more strength: Pirate Bunny, Frenzy Mummy, King Werewolf, Frankenstein, Dracula. Particularly, you can feed your pets with sugar to make them more powerful.
★ Daily wheel of luck with attractive rewards.
★ Lively and eye-catching game visual effects.
★ Comfortable and energetic sound.
★ Multiple screen resolutions compatibility.

Android 4.0.3 и выше

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