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Crazy MultiPong

26 мая 2015 |  DROIDOFF


Crazy MultiPong - забавная настольная игра на андроид с мультиплеером.

Place your device on the table and start competing in Crazy MultiPong. Now!

Are your kids getting bored in the restaurant?
Is your party going to flop?
Are your co-workers out of ideas how to spend another day at work?

You have found the perfect solution!

So, did you hear about the pong game?
This game is not an ordinary pong. It is happening in space with a round arena.
Thanks to that the ball is more crazy than ever!

This game will test your reflex and observation skills.
Put on your space suit!

At the beginning of this mini game you can choose one of the eight avatars to play with.
You can also choose how many times each mini game will be played.

Each player has three lives and their own individual color.

The players need to keep track of the ball and protect their gate with a paddle. You control the paddle from your panel.

Different power-ups show up in the middle of the game field.

If the ball hits your paddle, it turns to your color. At that time it will collect that power-ups for you.

Some power-ups have a negative effect and some positive.

The power-ups:


• Fog - covers up almost the whole game field, blocking the view for the players.
• Lights down – Turn off all the lights in the game field, disturbing the players and making everything less visible.
• Flash – Turns the lights in the game area on and off, disturbing the players.
• Paddle Freeze – Stops your paddle from moving for 5 seconds.
• Paddle Reverse – Changes the panel’s buttons, in which way left changes to right and right to left.
• Speed up – Speeds up the ball


• Wall – Creates a wall behind the paddle not enabling the ball to go in.
• Speed down – Slows down the ball.

If the ball falls into your gate, you lose one life.

The player with the most lives left wins.

At the end of the round, each player receives the amount of gained points.
Depending on the amount of points you`ve earned, you get the right place.

The player who got the 1st place receives - 5 coins, 2nd place - 4 coins, 3rd place - 2 coins, 4th place - 1 coin.

After the end of the round, scores you’ve got, appear on the Leaderboard.

In the first column appears the number of coins you’ve gained this round, and in the second column,
there is the number of coins you’ve earned in the previous rounds.

Android 2.3 и выше

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