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Лого Place of Horror

Place of Horror


Скриншот Place of Horror №1Скриншот Place of Horror №2Скриншот Place of Horror №3Скриншот Place of Horror №4

Place of Horror - неплохой хоррор на андроид с элементами РПГ.

Place Of Horror is a horror RPG developed by EEM studio team.

The content of the game revolves around Gonzales Chika, a Japanese-born British girl, got lost while traveling in a dense forest in England. Fortunately, she found a villa and hostess were very kind hospitality. Because it was dark and he was exhausted Chika decided to sleep one night before returning back to the city. Awake at midnight, Chika discovered that this house has nothing nice at all, its owner was a mass murderer. Now, the little girl had tried to escape from the house before she also became victims of this madman.



Players will control Chika move around the mansion scary to try to escape and discover the dark secrets behind the crimes of the killers. Be careful to dodge the killer is hovering in the house and run really fast to find a place to hide if accidentally encountered him. Also, remember that Chika very frail, she quickly tired and hungry quickly, let her eat and sleep before she fainted from lack of sleep or too hungry.

Thank you to everyone who has accompanied Chika, wish they all have moments of fun to explore Place of Horror.

Android 2.3 и выше

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