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Лого Ballcraft Table Tennis

Ballcraft Table Tennis


Скриншот Ballcraft Table Tennis №1Скриншот Ballcraft Table Tennis №2Скриншот Ballcraft Table Tennis №3Скриншот Ballcraft Table Tennis №4

Ballcraft Table Tennis - неплохой настольный теннис на андроид.

Bring the action into the palm of your hand and play Table Tennis in real time with anyone from anywhere.

Get in the game and into the action as you tilt your phone to angle the paddle, and flick to hit the ball with extra umph. Use the thumb joystick to reach everywhere. Swing and hit the ball with perfect timing to send it to your opponent. Make sure your aim and timing are good so you can hit it on the table.



You can practice against the wall and try to get a high volley.

This is a unique multi player experience.

Play Anyone Anywhere In Real Time 1 on 1!

Or Join a 4, 8 or 16 person tournament and have fun with friends or people worldwide.

As you progress you rise in rank, and the game gets harder as the ball goes faster and the skills needed increase.

Do you have what it takes to master Ping Pong and get ranked worldwide? Play now and see why Ballcraft Table Tennis is the best Ping Pong game ever!

Head to Head Competition with anyone anywhere!!!

Full On Multi-player Action. World Wide.

Tournaments and ranking and stats, now you can rise to glory as a master of Ballcraft Table Tennis.

Android 2.3 и выше

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