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Лого Versus: Multiplayer TD

Versus: Multiplayer TD


Скриншот Versus: Multiplayer TD №1Скриншот Versus: Multiplayer TD №2
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Versus: Multiplayer TD - игра из жанра Tower Defense, в которую можно играть сразу с несколькими друзьями.

Imagine a game, which joins Tower Defense with Real Time Strategy.
Add to that different mini games within the game.
Dip it all in a world in which you can play all alone or with your friends, on your iPad.
Have you imagined that?

Well, that game is named: Versus.

Versus is like Chess ;)


Place your iPad on the table and start competing in the most original and addictive game up to date.

Are your kids getting bored in the restaurant?
Is your party going to flop?
Are your co-workers out of ideas how to spend another day at work?

You have found the perfect solution!

The game can be played by up to 4 players or with AI.
You can play for just 15 minutes or all evening.
The games are quick and funny.
If you want to, you can finish the game at any time and it will announce the winner for you.
In addition each game requires different skills and each player has a chance to win, irrelevant of age, good reflex or knowledge.
It is the perfect entertainment for everybody from 6 years and up.

We have created 8 different great mini-games available in this version.
For each game we have composed unique, matching music and we have recorded it using real instruments from all over the world.

In future releases we plan to add:

- 20+ missions Solo Campaign;
- New Upgrades;
- New Superpowers.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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