First bank cards with OLED display unveiled

19 April 2024 |  DROIDOFF

Sentry Enterprises' Radiance Series plastic cards were the first bank cards to feature embedded OLED panels. These cards look like regular plastic cards but feature a display that flashes when transactions are made. This innovative solution is designed to help banks differentiate their products and simplify the payment process for users.

Ubuntu beats Windows 11 when tested in 101 benchmarks

19 April 2024 |  DROIDOFF

Based on benchmark results conducted by Phoronix portal on a Framework 16 laptop with Ryzen 7 7840HS processor, Ubuntu showed impressive performance compared to Windows 11. Running 101 tests in various benchmarks, Ubuntu 24.04 came out as the leader, winning in 68 tests (67.3 per cent). Ubuntu 23.10 came in second place, while Windows 11 came in third place.

According to a study 50% of women won't go on a date with a gamer

13 April 2024 |  DROIDOFF

A survey conducted by the dating service Mamba among users from Russia has revealed interesting trends in preferences when choosing a partner. According to the survey results, about 50% of women said that they would not want to date a gamer. This puts gaming activity in the top 3 "undesirable" hobbies, along with stamp and coin collecting and a love of football.

Google has announced a paid version of its Chrome browser

12 April 2024 |  DROIDOFF

Google has unveiled a paid version of its Chrome browser designed for enterprise use. The new version, called Chrome Enterprise Premium, differs from the standard free version of the browser with an expanded set of features and security tools.

Minerals will be mined on the Moon

25 March 2024 |  DROIDOFF

US startup Interlune has announced its plans to mine helium-3 on the Moon by 2030. If all goes according to plan, it will be the first private company to take responsibility for extracting natural resources on the Moon and delivering them to Earth.


NASA presented a concept aircraft for Mars with the ability to take off vertically

24 March 2024 |  DROIDOFF

NASA has unveiled a "vertical" aircraft concept for use on Mars. The vehicle is being developed for exploration missions to the Red Planet, where vertical takeoff is critical due to the rocky and cratered terrain.


WhatsApp will add two new features

21 March 2024 |  DROIDOFF

In WhatsApp for Android, two new features are coming soon that will enhance users' experience. The first feature is the ability to convert incoming voice messages into text. This will allow users to avoid the need to listen to voice messages and significantly facilitate communication, especially in public places. The built-in Android voice engine will be used for this, requiring a 150 MB patch download.


The servers hosting ChatGPT consume over 500,000 kWh of energy per day

18 March 2024 |  DROIDOFF

According to The New Yorker, ChatGPT, an extremely popular chatbot, consumes vast amounts of energy to process over 200 million requests daily. The total energy consumption by this algorithm exceeds the average household consumption in the United States by 17,000 kWh.


На Steam Deck можно запустить больше 14 тысяч игр

14 March 2024 |  Ростислав

В 2022 году Valve совершила революцию в мире портативных консолей с выпуском Steam Deck, предоставив игрокам доступ к огромной библиотеке игр. Новый гаджет быстро завоевал сердца геймеров благодаря способности запускать более 14 тысяч игр, включая 4604 полностью совместимых и 9406 играбельных. Несмотря на 3920 игр, официально не поддерживаемых, возможность модификации позволяет расширить функционал консоли.


В 2024 году PUBG перейдёт на Unreal Engine 5 и появится разрушаемость

14 March 2024 |  Ростислав

В 2024 году PUBG перейдет на Unreal Engine 5, а это значит, что нас ждут значительные изменения. Одним из ключевых аспектов обновления будет улучшение графики благодаря новому движку, что сделает модели и окружение более реалистичными и красивыми.


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