Лого Ultimate X-ray Scanner

Ultimate X-ray Scanner

27 June 2014 |  AMEPOH


The Ultimate X-ray Scanner app is a fun and entertaining application that simulates an X-ray scanner on your phone. Here are its key features:

1. Scan Your Hand: You can use the app to simulate scanning your hand as if it were an X-ray image.
2. G-Sensor Movement: The app utilizes your phone's g-sensors, allowing you to move the simulated scanner around by tilting your device.
3. Zoom Functionality: You can zoom in and out of the simulated X-ray image by swiping over the screen, enhancing the illusion of a real X-ray scan.
4. Autorotation: If your phone has a compass sensor, the app can enable autorotation, adjusting the orientation of the simulated X-ray image accordingly.
Please note that while this app provides a fun way to impress your friends by simulating X-ray scans, it does not have the capability to create genuine X-ray photographs. It's designed solely for entertainment purposes.

Android 2.2 and above

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