Лого Whispers of Ushabti

Whispers of Ushabti

24 сентября 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Whispers of Ushabti - логическая игра, в которой Вас ожидает множество приключений.

"Greed and desire... They lead people to do what no sane man would dare. To put your life at risk for a mere burial mask, even if made of gold... Entering the tomb I knew that it would only be me, my wits and perseverance against the cold, dark corridors and the myth of the Ancients. That one false step will make me join the long dead and buried..."

Whispers of Ushabti is a puzzle-adventure game, flashing back to the top old games of the genre while remaining unique and original. Your goal is to look for golden masks concealed in the tombs and pyramids of ancient times. Explore the endless catacombs to find what you seek. Many a challenge you shall encounter while searching the corridors: puzzles, mysterious levers, books of symbols, moving walls, even the monsters of old. And many a mystery you shall reveal to the world... if you survive.

Are you smart enough to solve all the puzzles and leave the pyramid in one piece? Are you persistent enough to do it within fewest steps? Are you brave enough to get as many precious artifacts from the pyramid as possible? Challenge yourself and have fun!

The current version offers:
* An unmatched immersion into the atmosphere of darkness, thrill and mystery;
* Detailed, retro-style graphics;
* Challenging levels with riddles and logical puzzles that require wits, perception and, sometimes, good memory;
* A tutorial that explains all the rules of the game;
* A full-blown campaign, the Tombs of the Lesser Officials, with the initial 3 maps;
* A more difficult bonus map that activates upon completion of the campaign - be sure to explore every bit!

Android 2.3 и выше

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