Лого Mahjong Venice Mystery Puzzle (Full)

Mahjong Venice Mystery Puzzle (Full)

19 марта 2015 | DROIDOFF


Mahjong Venice Mystery Puzzle (Full) - логическая игра на андроид.

NEW: SOLVE THE LATEST FREE ADD-ON 'BURANO GEMS' WITH SOME FRESH DELICIOUS TILES TO DISCOVER! +++ VENICE MYSTERY the highly addictive popular mahjong puzzle game now available on your Kindle

• Now over 500 levels waiting for you;
• QuickPlay mode lets you play single selected levels;
• More than 70 magic puzzle levels in Classic Theme;
• 50 additional Levels in the Hidden Palazzo Theme;
• 52 additional Levels in the Murano Island Theme;
• 52 additional Levels in the Murano Island II Theme;
• 52 additional Levels in the Pirates Tomb Theme;
• 50 additional Levels in the Burano Island 1 Theme;
• 50 additional Levels in the Burano Island 2 Theme;
• 50 additional Levels in the Burano Gems Theme;
• Full Game Circle support with lots of Achievements and Leaderboards;
• Uncover hidden passages to play new levels;
• Play hidden object mini games and bonus levels;
• Collect rewards and coins;
• Reveal and use different special power-ups;
• Play combos and collect coins to increase your score;
• Buy power-ups with your collected coins;
• Play fast to increase your score multiplier;
• Fantastic colorful artwork;
• Beautiful music soundtrack;
• Play in four different difficulty levels;
• Hidden strategies to gather a higher score.

+++ Pair up and match colorful tiles to clear over 500 levels and solve an ancient mystery. Gather special power-ups that will help you on your travel through the city of Venice, one of Italy's most interesting cities. Can you find the thirteen lost paintings from the past that hide a well hidden secret and repair the old machine to save the historical city from its nemesis? Get an extra bonus by destroying as many tiles as possible in one rush and collect coins to buy extras. Use joker and other special power-ups, unlock certain hidden areas on the play field by unlocking pyramid cover stones and find all hidden keys on the play field to finish your round.
  • Explore Venice and solve over 500 Mahjong Puzzle levels.
  • Highly addictive tile matching.
  • Timed or relaxed game modes.
  • Uncover hidden passages to play secret levels.
  • Fantastic colorful artwork and beautiful music soundtrack.

Android 2.3 и выше

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