Лого Mystery Castle HD - Episode 5 - The Tomb of Fear

Mystery Castle HD - Episode 5 - The Tomb of Fear

21 февраля 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Пятая часть игры на андроид с приключениями волшебника Монти.

The Tomb of Fear
Join Monty the wizard on his fifth adventure as he unearths the mysteries inside a skeletal tomb and brings to light the invading Monster Baron.
Monty will have to find potions to shrink himself down to size or turn himself into a hulking fireproof brute in order to survive the monsters plaguing the tomb. Tricky new floor switches and Fire and Ice Golems will have to be overcome before Monty can discover the identity of the Monster Baron and his vile plan for the castle.
Can you solve the puzzles and unravel the mystery of the Monster Baron in this castle of the dead?
Mystery Castle: The Tomb of Fear is suitable for players of all ages with sharp wits that enjoy brainteasers, puzzles and adventure.




• Designed both for new players and those that have played through other episodes.
• 36 stages of mystery and mayhem.
• Unique to this episode: drink potions to walk on fire or shrink to a fraction of your size.
• Hint system to help players progress further.
• Humorous dialogue;
• 4 bonus stages from Episode 1 - The Fortress Underground;
• 4 bonus stages from Episode 2 - The Frozen Citadel;
• 4 bonus stages from Episode 3 - The Enchanted Tower;
• 4 bonus stages from Episode 4 - The Mystical Pagoda.

Android 2.3 и выше

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