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Лого Whatahell



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Whatahell - сражаемся на арене.

Whatahell is a cartoon hack and slash game. In this game, you control an alchemist kobold that has been captured and thrown into a gladiator’s arena. You have to be the last one standing in this exciting battle for survival. There are 25 waves of deadly enemies and tough bosses. Are you strong enough?

You can choose and customize weapons to complete the journey. There are axes, swords, maces and spears. You can upgrade them to carry the best to the battle. You can also buy special potions that will lead you to victory if you use them wisely.


You can test your limits against the most terrible enemies at the survival mode. But before you jump into the arena, a little tip: Whatahell is not only about how hard you can hit, but how fast you can dodge. Fight with intelligence.

Android 2.0.1 и выше

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