Лого Three Defenders

Three Defenders

13 мая 2014 |  AMEPOH


Вы будите играть в качестве одного из трех доступных персонажей.

Play as one of the three available characters: Ranger, Mage or Engineer. Each one provides different gameplay. Ranger has 5 passive skills to level up, Mage provides you 11 spells to use and Engineer gives you 11 machines or turrets that will support you in your mission. There are 18 weapons for each character to buy and upgrade.

Explore the world! You decide which way to go. Each time you complete a level, new levels will be unlocked. World consists of 58 levels to play in total. There are 6 unique environments with different monsters and uniquely designed music to make the game even more enjoyable.




- 3 unique characters to play;
- 6 unique environments;
- Non linear world. You choose which path to go;
- 58 levels to complete;
- 59 weapons to buy and upgrade;
- 28 skills to buy and upgrade;
- 31 unique monsters;
- 6 uniquely designed soundtracks.


КЭШ кидать в: sdcard/Android/obb

Android 4.0 и выше

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