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Лого Eagle Play

Eagle Play


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Eagle Play - симулятор орла на андроид.

Get into the skin of a great predator, play the role of an eagle in a dangerous world where you will have a vast number of missions to complete; protecting your nest, attacking animals, guarding your territory and many more. With EAGLE PLAY, you need all your skills and resilience to become the ruler of the skies and earth!




- 8 missions in unique breathtaking 3D environments (open world);
- An adventure game with realistic HD graphics;
- The most realistic eagle simulator ever created;
- Original sound and musical atmosphere;
- Earn feathers to unlock new levels;
- Fly against the winds without dying;
- Capture prey like rats and fish;
- Attack flying ducks;
- Defend yourself against snakes;
- Protect your nest against crows;
- Live the life of an eagle in 3D and beware of wolves!

Future missions ... Attack a deer… evolve in an urban world… and many others....

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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