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Лого Death Pirate SP

Death Pirate SP


Скриншот Death Pirate SP №1Скриншот Death Pirate SP №2Скриншот Death Pirate SP №3Скриншот Death Pirate SP №4

Death Pirate SP - аркадный экшн на андроид.

Death Pirate SP is a new kind of shoot'em up mixing action and RPG elements. Unravel the mysteries of the Death Pirate and be prepared to face hundreds of enemies at once! Meet Hideo and his team in an exciting story. Level up and upgrade your weapons to survive in 26 unique stages and two difficulty levels.




- 60 fps action!
- Available Language : french and english;
- HD Graphics;
- A mix of action and RPG;
- Play as a super hero who can fly and explore vast levels in various environments;
- 15 stages and 14 special episodes;
- 7 unique characters;
- Explore the city of South Town and investigate on the mystery of the Death Pirate;
- Meet new characters and befriends to obtain bonuses during the stages;
- An original story and an edgy soundtrack;
- Level up and upgrade your technique and abilities;
- Two difficulty settings.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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