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Лого Park AR - Parking Game

Park AR - Parking Game


Скриншот Park AR - Parking Game №1Скриншот Park AR - Parking Game №2Скриншот Park AR - Parking Game №3Скриншот Park AR - Parking Game №4

Park AR - Parking Game - симулятор парковки на андроид с дополнительной реальностью.

Are you ready for the most exciting parking game available?

Park AR is an augmented reality game that will lead you to a gaming experience that you never experienced before.

Using AR technology you can merge the Park AR game with your real environment.

Game is made up of 55 challenging levels and a variety of cars&trucks.
Your task is to surpass all of the parking obstacles, and to drive the indicated vehicle from its starting position to the out of the parking lot.
Unlike any other parking games, you have the control of all vehicles in the parking lot. Tap on the vehicle you want to control.



Keep in mind that you have to restart the game as soon as any of the vehicles gets too damaged.

If you have printer :
1. Download the Marker from the link.
2. Print the Marker.
3. View the Marker through the app.

If you don’t have a printer :
1. Settings Menu -> Change Camera Mode.
2. Hold your device parallel to the plane you want to play.
3. Touch “Create New Target” button.

Android 2.2 и выше

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