Лого Car Transporter Parking Game

Car Transporter Parking Game

1 июля 2014 | AMEPOH


Car Transporter Parking Game - ещё один неплохой симулятор парковки грузовиков.

Download the Car Transporter Parking Game and start playing our new free game on Android! In this easy parking 3d game you are a transporter trucker and you need to deliver priceless cargo to the garage, with your car transporter truck. So start trucking today in a real 3d truck transporter parking simulator. It your job to transport cars from the factory to the showroom of the automobile garage. Experienced truckers will know that this kind of cargo is more difficult to handle, which makes this the ultimate 3d parking challenge. In this 3d parking game there are 20 different parking simulator missions. Use the 3d camera to your advances and maneuver through the city until you can unload the car cargo from your loader to the garage. This is no easy parking 3d game and you need to rely on your skills as a trucker in this trucking 3d parking challenge. Watch out for traffic on your way to the garage.

What makes this car transporter parking game the ultimate trucking 3d parking simulator? First of all you get the chance to drive around in a real 3d city, you can drive through the city from the cockpit of you transporter truck or you can switch to your 3d camera view to get the best view of your 3d parking challenge. Don’t forget that your loader carries precies car cargo with some priceless sports cars and the garage owner is waiting for them. So don’t get lost in the big city and keep track of the time like a real trucker. These cars are no basic containers which truckers are used to drive around with. Damaging a cargo load of containers is way harder because the cargo is in the container. On the back of your loader these cars are more out in the open and will take damage more easily, so this is no easy parking 3d game for you and your fellow truckers. This game demands increased driving skill, so do you love skill games then you should try this new title


- One of the best parking simulator game physics;
- No containers, wood or other stuff no you have sport cars on your loader;
- 3d camera view, check the position of your truck and get it parked;
- Are you ready for a speed game time is the main challenge for you truckers out there!
- Real 3d environment with beautiful graphics, huge open world to drive around;
- Traffic on the roads of this city, watch out and don’t damage your cargo.

Android 2.3 и выше

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