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Лого Garbage Truck Simulator / Мусоровоз симулятор

Garbage Truck Simulator / Мусоровоз симулятор


Скриншот Garbage Truck Simulator / Мусоровоз симулятор №1Скриншот Garbage Truck Simulator / Мусоровоз симулятор №2Скриншот Garbage Truck Simulator / Мусоровоз симулятор №3Скриншот Garbage Truck Simulator / Мусоровоз симулятор №4

Garbage Truck Simulator - симулятор управления мусоровозом и исполнения его прямых обязаностей.

It's time to get behind the wheel of a garbage truck! if you are a fan of driving and parking games, then you cannot miss the latest driving and parking game to hit the app store! in this fun new game, your job is to clean up the streets by collecting all the trash. it doesn't stop there! once you are done collecting the trash around town, you then need to find the special parking zone to park your big garbage truck!
most parking games have you only park your vehicle. this game is different. not only do you have to park your truck, you also have to pick up the trash! It's definitely not a game you've played before! this is one of the most awesome garbage truck games you have ever seen before. this big junk cleaner is very help full for the civilization.
Garbage truck driving games are one of the most populiar games on the play store.
This parking mania game is perfect for people that like to drive big vehicle's and like to have nice fresh and clean streets. and its also a nice road trip you will see alote of things while you are on the job.
Good training for street parking.
So are you ready to drive a big truck. then download this game now because it has a very big truck special for people that love truck vehicle's, but remember with big vehicle's comes big responsibility it has alote of weight and power it could destroy many thing without any problems, but after driving it a couple of times parking your truck wont be that tricky anymore.

- Game has four awesome garbage truck that you can drive and park;
- Real life garbage truck parking situations, experience the cool 3D environment of the big city;
- Realistic garbage truck parking controls;
- Cool dynamic garbage truck driver gameplay.

Android 2.3 и выше

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