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Лого Mage



Скриншот Mage №1Скриншот Mage №2Скриншот Mage №3Скриншот Mage №4

Meet Mage. A happy yet unsuccessful wizard who's one dream is to be powerful and respected.
To do this, he adventures out into the land, seeking some legendary spellbooks that are locked away deep within the dungeon that once held Daos, an ancient and evil wizard.

Mage unwittingly frees the ghost of Daos and gets himself possessed. Now, stuck in the dungeon with nothing but an insulting ghost banging around inside his brain, he has no choice but to keep moving forward and find a way out.
Help him collect the spellbooks required to escape the dungeon and protect him from the many evils lurking within the dungeon... and himself.



Key Features:

- Action/Adventure;
- Hours of Gameplay;
- Amusing Story Line;
- Interesting Boss Fights;
- Ghostly Insults;
- Magical Spells;
- Difficult Challenge Mode;
- Tricky Achievements;
- Metroid/Castlevania Styled Gameplay;
- Inspired by the flash game - KOLM.

Android 4.0 и выше

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