Лого Dungeon Madness

Dungeon Madness

25 февраля 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Интересная и увлекательная игра на андроид.

== Screen resolution of at least 800x480 recommended ==
A wizard has hidden in this dungeon. He is plotting to conquer the world and the only way how to stop him is to kill him! But don’t think it will be easy, many before have tried without luck. (From what else would all those skeletons be made of? Polycarbonate?)
Get immersed in this RPG game with beautiful graphics. Explore huge dungeon to find new items, new equipment, learn powerful spells and fight all kinds of different monsters. Are you afraid of dark? Don’t worry, because a ghost residing in doors will become your best friend. Or not. Who knows?



- Explore 13 different floors of dungeon;
- Find various items, equipment (sword/shield/head/chest) to improve your character;
- You can learn up to 7 spells, each of them has its advantages;
- Level up your character by gathering experience, assign level points to attack/defense/vitality;
- Optimized for almost all screens;
- Have you finished the game and want more? Don’t worry you can play again with difficulty adjusted to your level (experimental).

Android 2.3 и выше

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