Лого Escape The Dungeon Master

Escape The Dungeon Master

18 октября 2013 |  DROIDOFF


Escape the Dungeon Master! If you like "Advanced Dungeons and Dragaons"(tm) or the "Zork"(tm) trilogy, then you'll love "Escape The Dungeon Master" specifically written to be played on the Android platform. A mixture of text and graphics engulfs the player into a magical realm where only luck and your intelligance can safely guide you out of the Dungeon Master's maze. But beware! A variety of monsters will try to prevent you from your task. This puzzle game should be considered extremely difficult as a minimum of 140 steps are required to navigate to a successful end. So helm up and charge on! Remember adventurers, different monsters may require different weapons (or items!) to be defeated. TIP: Only eat when you have to, i.e. when your strength is less than 20 points. Good luck!

Android 1.6 и выше

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