Лого Lords of PVP

Lords of PVP

22 апреля 2014 |  DROIDOFF


Lords of PVP offers the best gaming experience in powerful devices.

It has not been tested for all devices so we recommend that you install the lite version first to make sure the game works properly on your device. In lite version the maximum level is level 3.

Here is Lords of PVP (Player Versus Player). An excellent 3D rol/strategy multiplayer online game with a turn-based battle system. You can challenge to your friends or players from around the world. Each turn has a time limit of 15 seconds so the battles are fast and intense!

Amazing 3D graphics . Impressive camera effects that will make you enjoy into the game.



Choose from 4 types of characters: Barbarian , Sorcerer , Assassin and Paladin.

Customize your characters by changing their attributes. Do you prefer your barbarian has a lot of resistance and a lot of life? Or maybe do you prefer your barbarian not to be so tough but he destroys everything with his strength? Modifies its attributes as you want

You can also change the look and attributes of your characters with hundreds of different items available in the game . Items are created with a random system of attributes so you will never find two identical objects. You can get normal, magic, rare items and...maybe you can find some legendary item!

Each character can choose skills from 20 different ones. Choose from area of effect skills, defensive skills , strategic skills (traps) and of course ... offensive skills.

You can modify your skills, attributes and items as many times as you want , so you can customize your character as you wish.


КЭШ кидать в: sdcard/Android/obb

Android 2.3 и выше

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