Лого Down In The Deep (roguelike)

Down In The Deep (roguelike)

25 мая 2014 |  AMEPOH


Down In The Deep (roguelike) - королевство Gulinde в опасности.

The Kingdom of Gulinde is now falling into danger and darkness. Too many of the foul undead, vicious beasts and devious rogues are spreading through the precious kingdom. As the greatest hero of the land it is up to you to clear out the ancient dungeons.

Down In The Deep is a REAL-TIME Roguelike / RPG world dungeon crawler with quests.



- 40 massive randomly generated dungeons! (Day / Night dungeons and *Final* dungeon);
- Randomly generated dungeon loot / items (with ranking system);
- Thousands of loot / item variations!;
- Melee and ranged weapons available;
- 15 powerful spells available to help through the dungeons;
- Special NPCs with dialog (bosses, traders, friendly and quest characters);
- Buy and sell loot / items with trader characters!
- Choose from three player character classes (Warrior, Mage and Ranger);
- Player character level and attributes can be leveled-up;
- REAL TIME movement / combat!
- Normal (resurrection on death) / hard (permadeath) game difficulties;
- Permanent / persistent game world;
- Automatic game saving;
- Flexible item management system;
- Multiple quests spread over different dungeons!

Android 4.0.3 и выше

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