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Лого A Land Fit For Heroes

A Land Fit For Heroes


Скриншот A Land Fit For Heroes №1Скриншот A Land Fit For Heroes №2Скриншот A Land Fit For Heroes №3Скриншот A Land Fit For Heroes №4

A Land Fit For Heroes - иникальная мультиплеерная книга-игра на андроид, которая поведает Вам историю о темных силах.

Enter the world of "A Land Fit For Heroes", written by Richard Morgan.

A unique cooperative multiplayer gamebook awaits with a dark, gritty story, doomed anti-heroes and where every decision is about choosing the lesser evil.

Kirellin of House Caith must solve the case of some missing children in the swamps but he will find much-much more.

Calnar, the Majak Warrior tries to find the grave of his late father but a much bigger challenge waits for him.

Ilaria, the Thief of Yhelteth goes to an expedition to a Kiriath Artefact, but the things she meets there will change her life.

Three intertwined stories, three dark characters - one ending.



In this game you can:
- play any of the three main characters in Multiplayer Mode;
- play all the three main characters in Singleplayer Mode;
- cooperate with your friends to complete the mission;
- communicate with each other using magical devices;
- when decisions need to be made together, use the voting system;
- learn the ikinri 'ska, the Dark Art, and defeat the enemy using their own weapon;
- fight the dwenda together and save or destroy the world.

Android 4.4 и выше

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