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Лого Infested Land: Zombies

Infested Land: Zombies


Скриншот Infested Land: Zombies №1Скриншот Infested Land: Zombies №2Скриншот Infested Land: Zombies №3Скриншот Infested Land: Zombies №4

Infested Land: Zombies - это кросс- платформенная игра на андроид с мультиплеером.

Infested Land is a Multiplayer real time cross-platform game packed with lot of action and zombies.
You can fight with yours friends on different maps against the zombies or play against them on the PVP modes.
Become the best hero by saving the world of the infestation and getting to the highest rank!

You can choose between many unique characters from different races and classes all of them with unique skills.
They all posses their own strengths and weakness. Unlock them all rule the infested land.



Some of the features:

- Free-To-Play for real ! Money is not skill;
- Play with your friends in co-op survival mode or against other players in player-vs-player modes;
- Multiple Maps;
- Discover new classes as they are added to the game, that includes : priest, archer, mage and dozen of others;
- Friend System;
- Find better weapons on the Mystery Chests.

Its recommended to play the game with a device like Galaxy SII or higher.

- Plenty of maps to Play;
- Rewarded Achievements;
- Ranking System;
- Lots of items and weapons;
- Crafting System;
- Friends;
- Guild System;
- And much more...

Android 4.0.3 и выше

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