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Лого Band of Heroes

Band of Heroes


Скриншот Band of Heroes №1Скриншот Band of Heroes №2Скриншот Band of Heroes №3

RPG на андроид от разработчиков такой известной игы как Road Warrior.

From the makers of Road Warrior, a Unity Awards Finalist that amazed 20.000.000 users!

Lead your heroes to victory! Band of Heroes is a competitive action RPG set in a medieval world full of castles to loot and conquer. Arm your heroes, level them up and invade thousands of players online! Jump in an entirely new take in the genre.


- Engage in battles against your best friends and worse enemies in the same world;
- Create the ultimate party of heroes from 8 characters, including powerful wizards and brave knights;
- Command your heroes via simple touch controls;
- Enjoy unlimited crafting combinations and strategies;
- Raid enemy castles and take both resources and Honor Points;
- Earn titles and special items through superior play;
- Put your team to the test in weekly tournaments and events;
- Missions: The Royal Herald brings you requests from several different characters and rewards you for your services! There are hundreds of missions to complete and unlimited rewards to collect.
- Explore five awesome regions;
- Battle in 9 different scenarios;
- Garrison your castle against invading fools;
- Drive back barbarian hordes.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.0.1 и выше

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