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Лого Dirt Buggin

Dirt Buggin


Скриншот Dirt Buggin №1Скриншот Dirt Buggin №2Скриншот Dirt Buggin №3Скриншот Dirt Buggin №4

Dirt Buggin - отличные гонки на багги с крутой физикой и широкой кастомизацией!

There is a line, and you are about to cross it. Take one of these high horsepower dune buggies for a spin around the dirt track. Highly customized car physics allows for awesome sideways drifting through the corners.
Your racing skills will be challenged with one of the best racing apps mobile. These cars are for serious racer in you. Super Realistic looking venues and cars, treat yourself to this high quality 3D drift racing app that everyone will be talking about.
If you are a fan of the dirt track, this is the free game you've been looking for! We doubt you will be disappointed.
Work your way up from Junior Level all the way to the Prime time. The better you do in the race, the more prize money you will earn.



- 4 Awesome Levels - Junior, Rookie, Pro, and Prime Time;
- Time Trial or Race Mode;
- Choose the way you want to control the car; touch or tilt to steer;
- Touch Steering or Tilt Steering;
- Competitive racing AI;
- Addictive Gameplay;
- Epic music;
- Realistic Race Sounds;
- Drive a fast 3D Dune Buggy Car.

Come on, get drift racing right away. Take an extra victory lap!

Android 2.3 и выше

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