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Лого Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea


Скриншот Deep Blue Sea №1Скриншот Deep Blue Sea №2Скриншот Deep Blue Sea №3Скриншот Deep Blue Sea №4

Deep Blue Sea - сочетание таких жанров как "три в ряд" и "поиск предметов".

Jessica, a deep sea treasure hunter, mysteriously disappeared two years ago and her family lost all hope of ever finding her. One day, her sister Melissa receives a postcard written in a secret language that only the two of them understand. Though it is postmarked eight months ago, Melissa now believes her sister is still alive and races to locate her. But will she find her sister, or something even greater?

Help Melissa in her underwater journey to locate her sister. Play over 200 Match 3 boards to gather artifacts that light the trail to answers. Assemble a crew of four divers, each with different skills and abilities to power-up. Purchase special items to clear the boards, collect precious items, and play either Timed or Relaxed modes. You can also enjoy a greater challenge with the special Hidden Object scenes.

Critics love Deep Blue Sea - The Amulet of Light, calling it a "really enjoyable experience" and "a truly thoughtful sequel" that "expertly blends light RPG and hidden object elements into match-three gameplay."

See it for yourself - dive in to Deep Blue Sea and discover the secrets of Avalonia, an underwater world that needs your help to be fully restored!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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