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Лого Русалка приключение 3D / Mermaid Adventure

Русалка приключение 3D / Mermaid Adventure


Скриншот Русалка приключение 3D / Mermaid Adventure №1Скриншот Русалка приключение 3D / Mermaid Adventure №2
Скриншот Русалка приключение 3D / Mermaid Adventure №3Скриншот Русалка приключение 3D / Mermaid Adventure №4

An underwater endless runner game designed specially for children!!

If you think games like subway surfers, temple run are too fast for small children, then we thought of making a game with good creative graphics specially for young kids.

The game revolves around Daisy, the magical mermaid princess of the sea collecting pearls at the bottom of the ocean. Have your kids play the game with light music and a cute little mermaid.

But beware! There are vicious octopus and other evil creatures surfing in the sea - which would stop you from collecting all the pearls.

Get many power ups along the way which you hooked to the game as your surf through the ocean bed. Get power ups like shield, Magnet power, and boost.

The controls are very easy with simple swipe up, left, right, down - your kids would love playing this adventure!

Dive into an aquatic adventure today - in Mermaid Adventure!

Join the mermaids in a magical adventure in the depths of the deep blue sea! The mermaids have come out to play and now it’s your chance to join them on this exciting day - can you become the greatest mermaid to ever swim with the fish?

In Mermaid Adventure, you must swim peacefully through the deep blue sea whilst avoiding dangerous obstacles! Collect dazzling pearls and have fun as the world passes you by! Set sail and dive in - because Mermaid Adventure is a game that you won’t want to miss!

The sun is beating down, and it’s a warm Summer’s day, it’s time to take a plunge in the ocean! Take this magical challenge ‘fin’ on and become a beautiful mermaid for the day - get powerups and swim faster than ever before!

Mermaid Adventure follows the mystical tale of a young mermaid with a passion to explore - tag along and swim past shipwrecks and other obstacles in a quest to visit the seabed! This fun and addictive adventure is perfect for any rainy day - and even better for a day at the beach!

Become a mermaid today... in Mermaid Adventure!

- Become a beautiful mermaid and make waves in the deep blue sea!
- Avoid dangerous obstacles and enjoy the colorful aquatic life!
- Get powerups along the way and increase your highscore in this endless adventure!

Android 2.2 и выше

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