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Лого Dark Breakers: Armageddon

Dark Breakers: Armageddon


Скриншот Dark Breakers: Armageddon №1Скриншот Dark Breakers: Armageddon №2
Скриншот Dark Breakers: Armageddon №3

Dark Breakers: Armageddon - стратегия на андроид.

This is it! - The end of times is upon us and it's every man for himself.
Will you be able to keep out the marauding invaders?
Do you even have what it takes to survive?

In the not so distant future...
Society collapsed - chaos followed. It was every man for himself.
Power grids went offline, water stopped running and governments fell. Resources soon became scarce and riots broke out. The only safe place was out of the city, in the remote wilderness.

You gathered up your closest people, some supplies and headed to an isolated location deep in the woods and that is where the journey begins.

As leader of your group, you set out to establish a safe place for everyone. Live off the land and setup the resources to take care of them. You know the looming threat is just beyond those trees so you must strengthen your colony and prepare it from incoming raids by others looking to take what you got.
It's survival of the fittest, and while you hope for the best - You must prepare for the worst.

There is only 1 rule in this land of lawlessness: There are NO RULES!
You must defend your colony at all costs, and by any means necessary.



• BUILD your own survivalist camp and customize the layout.
• DEFEND your people! with guard towers, bunkers, mortars, and traps!
• UPGRADE structures to better prepare them from incoming attacks.

• TRAIN unique troops like sharpshooters, warriors, wreckers and grenadiers.
• Up to 200 soldiers on the battlefield at once!
• RANK up in the leaderboards and compete in tournaments.
• Conquer achievements and earn rewards.

• Form ALLIANCES with other players.
• CHAT with other people in the game in real time.
• SHARE REPLAYS of your most glorious victories.

Android 2.3 и выше

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