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Лого Blood Evils PVP

Blood Evils PVP


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Blood Evils PVP - отличная экшн-РПГ игра на андроид.

In the European mainland of middle ages, the existence of powerful vampires has become a serious threat to humankind. Among them the most fearsome of all are the third generation vampire clans, they annihilated the second generation of vampire to consolidated their domination, and invaded the homeland of innocent human, many are killed and few have escaped. In order to deal with the vampires, Craig, who is the leader of knights has set up a base camp and united all survivors to fight for the future of humankind.

Donmo, Our heroine, her village Vegal was destroyed by vampires overnight, her mother Amanda was lost, yet to know dead or alive, her beloved Colia was captured by the vampires. Craig saved Donmo and took her as apprentice. Now, After years of training Donmo had become an excellent knight, with a heart of full of vengeance she will represent the knights to battle countless vampire clans and fight for the fate of humanity.




· Realistic,Fantastic &Magical ARPG;
· A story Full of love,blood,friendship and dream;
· 3600 Free-sight, flexible zoom to challenge your control;
· HD performance, exciting and competitive, both for AOE & SOLO;
· HD graphics, giant outdoor scenes, exquisite indoor scenes;
· Breathtaking special effects make you feel energetic and invincible;
· Super cool magic weapon and equipment;
· Powerful props upgrade system,all weapons,equipment & skill can be upgraded;
· Countless gorgeous magic skill effect.
You can:
· Get 73 kind of achievements that can provide Rewards;
· Become The Best Blood Hunter of the global leader board;
· Various of surprise from Blood Evils serials.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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