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Лого Tank Battle 3D: World War II

Tank Battle 3D: World War II


Скриншот Tank Battle 3D: World War II №1Скриншот Tank Battle 3D: World War II №2Скриншот Tank Battle 3D: World War II №3Скриншот Tank Battle 3D: World War II №4

Tank Battle 3D: World War II - качественные танковые бои в 3D.

Prepare for a real battle with Tank Battle 3D: World War II. Get to the battlefield! Many World War II Tanks to choose from. Choose what side you on: Soviets, Nazy or Americans. Gain gold on every mission by destroying enemies, you get the cost of tanks you take down. Use gold to upgrade your tank or buy tank you want. There are many power-ups to choose from.

Tank Battle 3D: World War II Features:

- 3D graphics;
- 18 real tanks from World War II;
- Soviets, Nazy, Americans tanks;
- Different missions and locations;
- Power-ups and upgrades.

Tank Battle 3D: World War II includes Tanks:

- Cromwell;
- EasyEight;
- Chaffee;
- Sherman;
- Panther III/J;
- Panther IV/F2;
- Panther;
- StugIII;
- Tiger;
- StugIIIschurzen;
- Hetzer;
- P4J;
- SU100;
- KV1;
- T34-76;
- T34-85;
- SU122;
- T34-85-C.

All tanks has different features and different damage level. Note tat different parts of tanks has different level of damage. If you want to make maximum damage shoot in the rear.

Remember that not all tanks has movable turret, only those that has it in real life.

Tank Battle 3D: World War II Power-Ups:

- Grease. Increase Speed of Gun/Turret;
- Hawk Eye. Increase Range of Enemy Detection;
- Magnet. Increase Range od Body auto generation.

You can also upgrade your tanks:

- Speed;
- Armour;
- Shell Type;
- Shell Reload Time;
- Shell Capa;
- Resupply Time;
- Fuel system.

How to Play Tank Battle 3D: World War II

1. Use left joystick to control tank movement;
2. Use right joystick to turn turret left/right and move up/down the gun;
3. Use fire button to shoot. Keep in mind that gun needs time to reload shell.

Keep your eye on following indicators:

- Fuel. Your tank needs fuel to move, if you will ran out of fuel your tank will stop.
- Shells. You have only some amount of shells, use it wisely.
- Health. It single, if your health will drop to 0 - you are dead.

Enjoy Tank Battle 3D: World War II and please write us back with suggestions how we can improve the game.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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