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Лого Zombie Awakening Premium

Zombie Awakening Premium


Скриншот Zombie Awakening Premium №1Скриншот Zombie Awakening Premium №2
Скриншот Zombie Awakening Premium №3Скриншот Zombie Awakening Premium №4

Zombie Awakening Premium - бросьте вызов зомби.

Face off against endless waves of zombies with only your force and magic!

You are a trainee wizard lost in the awakening of the zombies. Your order of wizards has been destroyed, and you are the only one who can find and defeat the order of witches that caused this chaos by invoking the dead.
They are thousands... and you are just one. Can you survive and fulfill your destiny?




• No ads.
• Includes free fireballs from the start.
• Test your reflexes and your strategy with the maximum tension struggling to survive against waves of zombies with one only goal, eat to you!
• Dark and terrifying atmosphere, in more than 25 diverse scenes.
• 30 different types of zombies, monsters and witches.
• 12 spells of different level that you unlock along the game.
• High-quality graphics and realistic physics using the full power of the Unity engine.
• Very easy and innovative controls.
• Get beat the high scores of other players worldwide.
• Includes 20 achievements to complete along the game.
• Keep tracking the progress of friends and other players around the world using the Heyzap system.
• Includes 5 different languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
• Gameplay designed for tablets but totally compatible for phones.

Download and play! ...and try to survive as long as possible...

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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